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1) Overview
2) The deleted shifts report



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1) Overview

The deleted shifts report is used to track shifts that have been deleted from the roster and the users responsible for deleting them.
This provides a way to check that shifts have been removed by the correct person or discover users that are deleting shifts incorrectly.

Having the ability to track deleted shifts provides a point from which behaviour in the roster can be monitored and audited.


2) The deleted shifts report

To access the report follow these steps:

  1. Click on Scheduling.
  2. Click Deleted shifts.
    • The deleted shifts report gets displayed.
    • Shifts that have been deleted are displayed in the lower part of the report.
    • The report defaults to the current date, if no shifts have been deleted on the day, it won't display any records.
  3. Set a date or a date range (start - end dates).
    The selected date range will scope the report to display shifts that existed on or within the date range. 
  4. Details of the actual rostered shift are showed on the first part of the report.
  5. Deletion details are shown on the following part of the report.
  6. Details of when the shift was created are shown last.


NOTE: It is important to remember that shifts could have been deleted as side effects of other actions, such as loading a roster template, shift swaps, or unassigning shifts.


At the top right hand corner of this page there are four options:


  • Reload (used to refresh data on this page)
  • Reorder columns (further explained below)
  • Export to CSV (downloads the displayed deleted shift data to a .csv format)
  • Export to XLS (downloads the displayed deleted shift data to a excel format)


Reorder columns

This function can be used to make the report display only the desired columns.

When you click the Reorder columns button, a popup box displays each of the headings on the report with a tick box. 


Any box with a tick remains in the report, while any box that is deselected gets removed from the report. 

The order of the columns can also be changed by clicking and dragging these sections above or below each other. The higher they appear on this page the further right they will be displayed on the report.

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