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1) Overview
2) Payroll report



Entitlements | View Balances


1) Overview

Leave entitlements are owed to full and part time employees as part of their employment agreement. Various types of leave exist therefore all types of leave do not apply to every industry.

Types of leave will need to be managed within every organisation. Easy Employer can assist users to better manage and track leave entitlements.


2) Payroll report

The payroll report shows entitlement balances.

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Payroll report.
  3. Select the period, the payroll entity and click Launch report.
  4. The top section under the user's name has a View entitlement balances link.
  5. Users that have taken leave during the period display the leave highlighted:
  6. If the user does not have suitable leave accrued, you can limit paid leave on the Warnings section, by selecting either of the available options:
    • restrict paid leave:
      • The system automatically adjusts the paid leave shift to match the users available entitlement accrual and creates unpaid leave for the rest of the request (timesheets are automatically adjusted).
    • reassign leave hours:
      • Gives you the option to select how to reassign the leave (unpaid / another type):
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