Import / update entitlement types

This guide contains the following information:

  • How to import and update entitlement types in easyemployer

What are entitlement types

Entitlements are the different forms of leave that employees accrue for the duration of their employment. 

Why would these be imported

Organisations would utilise this feature in different ways depending on their needs. This feature enables organisations to update their entitlement types as well as add new ones. Importing these updates or changes removes the need to manually enter them.

How to import and update entitlement types in easyemployer

1. Select Organisation from the top navigation bar


2. Select Import / export


3. Select import / update entitlement types.


4. Choose the relevant source payroll application and payroll entity. You may need to choose a file to import from if this is requested.


5. Click Next.

6. The system will try to map incoming entries to entitlement types in easyemployer.

Check to ensure the mappings are correct:

  • For any payroll categories that don’t need to be referenced in easyemployer (like a bonus rate for example) these can be skipped.
  • There may be multiple matches when trying to import some payroll categories, these will need to be addressed by skipping, mapping to a different payroll category, or by creating a new payroll category.


7. When all entries have been addressed the ‘Import’ button can be selected to finish the process.

8. A message will appear informing users that the import of the payroll categories has been successful.


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