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1) Overview
2) How to import users to groups / roles

i) Download the standard format file
ii) Enter the data into the file
iii) Upload the completed import file



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1) Overview

There may be cases where it is necessary to assign a number of users to different roles. Making these changes manually to multiple users individually may be cumbersome and time consuming. The Import user to groups/roles feature has been created for these cases.

This import uses the Easy Employer Standard Format file, which allows uploading changes to multiple users into EE at the same time (bulk import).


2) How to import users to groups / roles

There are three main parts to importing users to roles: getting the template file from the system, completing the file with the required data, and uploading the file.


i) Download the standard format file

The first step is to download the Easy Employer Standard Format file specific for this upload. This allows you to have an accurate template of the information the system requires to complete the import.

Follow these steps to download an example of the file:

ii) Enter the data into the file

Use your preferred spreadsheet editor (e.g., Microsoft Excel) to enter the required data into the downloaded example file, by either copying and pasting from another document (e.g. the user details report) or entering it manually.

It is very important not to alter the headings of each column in any way, as these are used to match the corresponding fields in EE (refer to the table below for the import file specifications).


Easy Employer Standard Format import file specifications

Column Header Description Format Notes
user_id The employee's Easy Employer user ID Integer

The user_id can be obtained through the user details report (refer to the RELATED ARTICLES section for more information).

Export the report to a spreadsheet application (e.g., Microsoft Excel) then filter it to get the IDs just for the required users.

export_code The employee's export code String As above.
given_names The employee's given names String  
surname The employee's surname String  
site_group_id The Group ID of the site String  
site_group_name The name of the site String  
area_group_id The Group ID of the area String  
area_group_name The name of the area String  
role_group_id* The Group ID of the role String Refer to the "Obtain the Group IDs" section below for information on how to obtain this number.
role_group_name The name of the role String  
The file has to contain either the User ID or the Export Code, only one of these two is required.
*Required field.


Note: For the upload to be successful, the system only requires that the file contains either the user ID or the export code, and the role group ID; all the other fields are optional.


Obtain the Group IDs

Follow these steps to find the Group ID for the roles:

Completed import file example

This is an example of a completed import file. The Group IDs for the sites, areas and roles were all found using the technique described in the previous section.

user_id export_code given_names surname site_group_id site_group_name area_group_id area_group_name role_group_id role_group_name
17 BR28 Connor John 428 Brisbane 429 Room 451 After Hours Carer
20 BR29 Ripley Ellen 428 Brisbane 429 Room 431 Carer
28 BR06 Starling Clarice 428 Brisbane 430 Administration 445 Facility Manager
23 BR07 Wilkes Annie 428 Brisbane 429 Room 432 Nurse
18 BR31 McClane John 428 Brisbane 430 Administration 433 Receptionist
21 BR30 Landa Hans 428 Brisbane 429 Room 456 Support Worker
2 BR04 Grivas Shaun 5 Canberra 7 Room 447 After Hours Carer
7 BR13 Smith Anadale 5 Canberra 7 Room 447 After Hours Carer
13 BR03 Bloggs Joe 5 Canberra 7 Room 447 After Hours Carer
1 BR01 Jake Barrell 5 Canberra 8 Administration 441 Facility Manager
3 BR05 Broad James 5 Canberra 7 Room 4 Nurse
11 BR19 Hargrave Thomas 5 Canberra 7 Room 4 Nurse
10 BR18 Grant Nicola 5 Canberra 8 Administration 457 Payroll Manager
8 BR14 Young Patricia 5 Canberra 8 Administration 3 Receptionist
6 BR10 Mills Christina 5 Canberra 7 Room 453 Support Worker
19 BR20 Anderson Thomas 422 Melbourne 423 Room 425 Carer
22 BR15 George Regina 422 Melbourne 423 Room 425 Carer
27 BR17 Durden Tyler 422 Melbourne 424 Administration 443 Facility Manager
4 BR08 Thompson Kelly 422 Melbourne 423 Room 426 Nurse
9 BR16 Lewins Andrea 422 Melbourne 424 Administration 427 Receptionist
24 BR25 Chigurh Anton 422 Melbourne 423 Room 455 Support Worker


iii) Upload the completed import file

Once your file has been completed, follow these steps to upload the information to the system:

Note: The Import user to groups/roles feature does not override or replace existing data relating to users' roles, therefore, if a user has already been assigned to a role in the system, and through the use of this feature they get assigned to another one, after the upload is completed, this user will be assigned to two different roles.

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