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1) What is the payroll warnings page
2) Why is this important
3) How to use the payroll warnings page



Report | Payroll Report*


1) What is the payroll warnings page?

The payroll warnings page displays all of the payroll warnings in a list. Each of the issues that are present on the payroll report can be resolved through the payroll warnings page.


2) Why is this important?

This feature assists users to view and action payroll warnings in a single location without having to scroll through the payroll report to find the issues.


NOTE: This feature is not active in Easy Employer by default. If this feature needs to be activated please contact our support team at


3) How to use the payroll warnings page?

  1. Open the payroll report.
  2. To open the payroll warnings page click on the 'Payroll warnings' text.
  3. The payroll warnings in this pay run will be displayed. Users can action some of these warnings from this page. Text will be displayed under the warning that should assist the user to resolve the warning.
  4. This report can also be exported by clicking the export button in the top right corner.
  5. The report will be exported as a .csv file.
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