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1) Overview
2) The payroll warnings report



Report | Payroll Report


1) Overview

Warnings are the way Easy Employer (EE) notifies users of factors affecting shifts, users or periods that may impact the pay or legality of a particular payroll period.

Most warnings are implemented by setting up rules at the award, group, user or organisation level, and different rules can be set on different levels to produce warnings that are based on the organisation’s business needs. 

The payroll warnings page displays all of the payroll warnings in a list. Each of the issues that are present on the payroll report can be resolved through the payroll warnings page.

This feature assists users to view and action payroll warnings in a single location without having to scroll through the payroll report to find the issues.


NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default in Easy Employer. If this feature needs to be activated for your organisation, please click here to submit a support request.


2) The payroll warnings report

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Payroll report.
  3. On the Report type section, select Payroll warnings.
  4. Click Launch report.
  5. The warnings are displayed on screen.
  6. Review and action warnings as required.
    The information provided under each warning should assist resolving the issue.
  7. To download the warnings, press the Export warnings to CSV button.
  8. The report will be exported as a .csv (comma-separated values) file.
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