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1) Overview
2) Correct the issue



Custom Entities | Introduction


1) Overview

When creating shifts in the roster, users are displayed to the right of the screen in the suitability ranker. This section displays all the users that are able to work the shift. Some users may disappear when a client, service or other custom entity type is selected. This is due to the users being allowed/disallowed. The allow/disallow process is used to select appropriate users to work with a client or other custom entity types.

The allow/disallow process needs to be completed, checked and updated regularly. On occasion this process may result in some users being incorrectly disallowed due to user error. Fortunately, this issue is not difficult to fix provided the user has permission to access custom entities in Easy Employer.


2) Correct the issue

This function cannot be accessed by all users and requires a high level of permission to access the following parts of the system.

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click the custom entity type (in this case Clients).
  3. Select the custom entity (in this case the 'Client') that is causing the user to be removed from the suitability ranker when they are selected.
  4. There will be a number of tabs available on the sidebar. It is best to move through these systematically to ensure the configuration is correct.
    For the type of issue that is being investigated in this case, the issue will typically reside under Users.
  5. A complete list of users in the account will be displayed.
  6. For the user to appear in the suitability ranker when this custom entity (in this case 'Client') is selected, they need to appear in GREEN on this list. If the user appears in RED they will be removed from the suitability ranker when this custom entity (in this case 'Client') is selected.
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