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1) Your obligations regarding your Easy Employer account
2) Request the award update service
3) Webinar Video - update position hourly rates and payroll codes



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1) Your obligations regarding your Easy Employer account

It is our client's responsibility to ensure their account is configured and updated to reflect new pay conditions should there be any with the end of financial year updates.

This may include updating rates in BOTH Easy Employer (EE) AND your payroll application if necessary:

  • No payroll integration (i.e. use of flat file) between EE and your payroll application - you will need to update rates in both systems. You absolutely need to update the rates in your payroll app to make sure your staff are paid properly. If you would like reporting in EE to be accurate you need to update rates in EE as well.
  • Payroll integration between EE and MYOB ARL API integration (or) XERO API integration - updated pay rates in EE will flow through to payroll application.
  • Payroll integration between EE and any other payroll application – you will need to update rates in both systems.


IMPORTANT: Updates must be made DURING the payroll period they apply to - updating them after the payroll period will mean they do not retrospectively apply.


  • Clients need to update relevant award sections (e.g. rate tables, allowances) during the "first full pay period" and should be done after you complete the last payroll at the old rates.
  • Clients should not wait until the "first full pay period" has ended – as the changes do not get automatically backdated to payroll periods already finalised.
  • Furthermore - clients should also be doing audits of any changes they make – so these changes should be made with plenty of time and preparation.


Client has a payroll period that falls from 26th June - 2nd July. That payroll period needs to be finalised with no updates made. The client's next payroll period... 03 July -10 July... falls fully within the new financial year. Client needs to make updates during that payroll period so as to have them be effective for that payroll period. Client should check all changes to make sure they are working correctly.

Unsure of what needs to be updated?

Contact your industry association or Fair Work for further advice as to what updates may be required. Fair Work Pay Guides.


2) Request the award update service

Don't want to do your own updates?

Easy Employer (EE) does offer clients an award updating service. If you would like this to be done for you then you'll need to advise us by the date in the To Do List Announcement.

Please follow the below link to a dedicated request form where we will ask you the required information to being scoping your request.

Easy Employer - award update support request


NOTE: We only accept requests to perform EOFY updates via this form. Our support desk will advise you to fill in this form if you contact our support desk requesting this service.


Once we receive your request and the above information we will provide you a quote for doing the work. The cost of works will depend on many factors and it's all quoted based on how long it will take us to make the changes to your account.

Once the updates are actioned by the EE team, you will need to audit the changes yourself to ensure they are all working as intended.


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