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1) Overview
2) Create new payroll codes



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1) Overview

Pay codes are used to identify the types of pay employees earn (e.g., hourly rate, full time, on-call) or use (e.g., workers compensation, annual leave, parental leave), for the hours entered on the timesheet. Pay codes can be limited to certain job types.


2) Create new payroll codes

  1. Add the payroll category or categories to the award.
    • Click Organisation.
    • Click Award.
    • Click the award to open it.
    • In the Payroll categories section, find the original payroll category.
      • Tip: You can use two browser tabs or windows here, so you can easily refer to what the original code was when creating the new code to help guide you with what to set.
    • Scroll down to the New Payroll Category section.
    • Type all the relevant information for the new payroll category.
    • Once completed, click add at the end of the row.
    • Repeat for other payroll categories as required.
  2. Add the payroll category or categories to the award pay group and prioritise categories.
    • Open the pay group.
      NOTE: pay groups might be located in the Base award pay groups section or in the Positions.
    • Click Edit Award pay group.
    • Add the required payroll categories created in the previous step.
    • Update the categories in the Prioritise Weekly Codes section.
    • Once categories are prioritised, click Save in the section.
  3. Update the required pay group sections (e.g., weekly rates and overtime periods).
    • Find the required section (e.g., weekly rates, overtime periods).
      NOTE: in weekly rates, there could be multiple weekly rates if using interpretation periods in the pay group (e.g. DayShift, AfternoonShift, NightShift), ensure all required weekly rates are updated.
    • Edit the required rate.
      NOTE: when working with weekly rates and block rates in weekly rates, you will need to delete the rate first to then add a new payroll category. This is unlike overtime where you can straight edit then update the payroll category.
    • Update the payroll category and save.
    • Repeat for other sections.
  4. Remove the old payroll categories from the pay group (if required).
    • Open the pay group.
    • In the payroll categories section, remove the payroll categories no longer required.
  5. Save the pay group.
    • Once steps 2 to 4 are completed, you can save the pay group:
      • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save and update.
  6. Repeat for other pay groups (if required).
    • Repeat steps 2-5 for the next pay group.
  7. Update the old payroll category or categories (if required).
    • Once steps 2 to 6 are completed, rename the old payroll categories (e.g., to remove "Casual" from the name).
      • Open the award.
      • In the Payroll categories section, find the payroll categories.
      • Edit the payroll category.
      • Update the category as required (e.g., change the name).
      • Save the payroll category.
      • Repeat for other categories.
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