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1) Overview
2) View and manage role rates
3) User role rates
4) What determines if the role rate applies



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1) Overview

The role rates feature allows you to assign a specific base rate to a role. This is commonly used for paying employees a rate different to their base rate, when they perform duties that warrant the rate difference, for instance, an employee who is assigned duties of a position which is of a higher work value (i.e. a higher classification or value range) than their current position for a period of time.

This is particularly useful when the employee still carries out his regular duties at his regular pay rate, as well as performing extra duties at a different pay rate. Either rate is paid according to the role performed, without having to modify the employee's base rate each time.


NOTE: Viewing or changing Awards depend on your level of access, speak to your organisation's EE (Easy Employer) account owner if you have questions regarding your access to Awards. This guide has instructions on how to set the default award role rates for the organisation, and also to set the award role rate per user (user role rates).


2) View and manage role rates

The role rates are located within each award under the section Role Rates.

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Awards.
  3. Select the Award you'd like to review.
  4. Scroll down to the Role rates section to view any configured role rates.
  5. To make changes, click Manage.
  6. To create a Role rate, under New role rate select from the drop-down options the Role, Linked position, Linked rate group, select if the Higher rate is to be enforced, and then click create.
    Enforce higher rate explanation:
    • Yes - the employee will be paid the higher rate, either their base rate, or the role rate, whatever is highest.

    • No (leave it unticked) - the employee is paid the role rate, and not their base rate (regardless of which one is higher).

  7. You can edit or delete existing role rates
  8. Click Save when you have completed all the changes.


3) User role rates

Assigning a specific base rate to a role can also be done directly for a particular users. This may be due to the organisation having different pay rates for the same role based on specific considerations.

To assign a role rate for a particular user:

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Select the user you'd like to assign the role rate to.
  4. From the side menu, select Payroll and click Change.
  5. Scroll down to the User role rates section and click Add role rate.
  6. Complete the relevant information and click Save.
  7. The new user-specific role rate now shows under the User role rates section. You can edit or delete role rates, or create new ones at any time. Press Save to continue.
  8. Complete the process by confirming the period the changes apply from, and pressing Save.


4) What determines if the role rate applies

For the role rate to apply:

  • The role rate has been set in the award that applies to the user, as shown in section 2 of this guide; and/or the role rate has been set as a User role rate for the user, as show in section 3 of this guide.
  • The position the user is taking on, has an award pay group that has Enforce role hourly rates set; or the user belongs to a base award pay group that has Enforce role hourly rates set.
  • The shift is for the role that has a role rate applied to it. If the shift is a leave shift, the role rate applies if the leave request type in the award has Apply role rates set to yes.
  • Which rate applies (lower or higher) depends on whether the role rate has been set to Enforce higher rate or not, as explained on point 6 of section 2 of this guide.
  • The rate group identifier that the employee is on as a base rate needs to have a rate set for the rate group that is set as the role rate
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