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1) Overview

The overtime indicator (OT) appears on the roster when a shift puts a user into the overtime clause within the award pay group (e.g., daily, weekly or fortnightly overtime trigger). These hours may not necessarily cause an overtime payment but could indicate additional hours being assigned to an entitlement like Time in Lieu (TIL) or no payment (e.g., [unmatched] due to a user being on a salary).

Knowing the true cost of a shift or roster period is a useful tool that can assist users to stay within budget constraints. The OT indicator notifies users of potential additional costs before a roster is communicated. Using the information in the OT indicator users can avoid additional costs by adjusting shift length or by reassigning the shift.


2) Functionality

The overtime indicator appears on the top right corner of a shift when it triggers a change in rates.


Click the OT indicator to display the Shift costs popup window. It details the different rates that apply to the shift.


The applicable rates and triggers are set in the Awards section of Easy Employer.
Refer to the RELATED ARTICLES section for more information.

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