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1) Overview
2) Add addresses and enable communication



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1) Overview

This feature when active will include the site address on employees rosters when they are communicated.

When an address is added to the site, and communication is enabled, the address will be communicated with the roster by the method chosen. Email and notice communications, the address is added after the site in brackets. For SMS, the address is added to the bottom of the text.


Examples of communications




Your roster for Sydney at Acme is: Unconfirmed shifts: 1: Phrm Mon 9/1 9AM-5PM 2: Phrm Tue 10/1 9AM-5PM 3: Phrm Wed 11/1 9AM-5PM 4: Phrm Fri 13/1 9AM-5PM 5: Phrm Sat 14/1 9AM-2PM Site addr: Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia Reply "y" to confirm.





2) Add address and enable communication

The address is added in the settings located on the site:

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