Rosters | Create, Edit & Delete Roster Shifts

1) Overview
2) Create roster shifts
3) Edit roster shifts
4) Delete roster shifts
5) Bulk deleting roster shifts



Rosters | Auto Assign Shifts


1) Overview

Roster shifts are a formal schedule that determines the work hours of a shift-based employee team. The roster provides employees with the relevant information about their shifts (start / end times, duties, tasks, etc.) for a specific date.

The roster ensures employees understand when and what is required of them. Changes may need to be made to a roster as an organisation's requirements change.


2) Create roster shifts

There are three ways to manually create a roster shift.

Once you have the roster open (click Scheduling > Rosters > [Open the appropriate roster period]):

Method 1:

  1. Click the cell on the date and for the user you'd like to create the shift for.
    The Create shift popup windows displays.
  2. Complete all the appropriate the shifts details.
  3. Click Save.


Method 2:

  1. Drag a common shift from the common shifts bar, to the user the shift has to be assigned to for the required date.2016-10-17_09h16_40.png
  2. Complete the shift details as required.
  3. Click Save.


Method 3:

Copy a shift from another employee by clicking and dragging a shift, hold down Ctrl button then let go of the mouse button.


3) Edit roster shifts

  1. Click the shift to display the radial menu.
  2. Click Manage (pencil icon).
  3. Adjust the roster shift settings.
  4. Click Save.


4) Delete roster shifts

  1. Click the shift to display the radial menu.
  2. Click the delete button.


5) Bulk deleting roster shifts

If you want to delete shifts in bulk, this can be done by either Column (Date), Row (Employee, Role, or Client depending on the view you are in), or for the entire portion of the organisation that you have scoped to.

  1. Scope the organisation to the Site/Area/Roles you would like to affect.
  2. Click the cog icon to bring up additional options on either:
    • The end of the row.
    • Or the bottom of the column
  3. Click Delete shifts to remove shifts from the entire row or column.

If you would like to delete the entire period that you are looking at:

  1. Click Actions (cog icon at the top right of the roster).
  2. Click Delete Shifts.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.


NOTE: Once a roster has been deleted, this action cannot be undone. The rostered shift will need to be re-entered from scratch.

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