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1) Overview
2) Usage



Internal Guide | Broken Shifts


1) Overview

Broken shifts are useful for meeting a specific requirement that exists in awards for the disability care sector. Broken shifts allow organisations to consider a split shift or split shifts as a single shift.


NOTE: Additional configuration is required in the award to make this feature function correctly. To get assistance with setting up broken shifts please contact our support team on 1300 855 642.


Broken shifts should be used to meet requirements set by fair work in the industry award. Broken shifts are separate shifts that need to be considered the same shift in the payroll report and export. As broken shifts has been developed to address a specific need in certain industries it is not applicable for all organisations.


2) Usage

Using the broken shifts feature is simple and can be completed on the roster or timesheet.

In the roster or timesheet, create or modify a shift and tick the box that allocates that shift as a broken shift.

When a broken shift has been saved it will be designated as a broken shift on the roster.

If a shift needs to be added to the roster that begins before the current start of the broken shift. Users need to tick the box that indicates that the new shift is the start of the broken shift connection.

If multiple shifts are allocated as broken shifts they will be displayed with an indicator on the bottom of each shift.

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