Rosters | Labour vs Sales Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

1) Overview
2) How to import sales budget data
3) View sales budget data on the roster



Rosters | Budgeting


1) Overview

The 'Labour vs Sales Key Performance Indicator (KPI)' feature is used to display the projected sales budget to work in conjunction with the hours or a total cost budgets.



  • This feature may not be active in all accounts. If you aren't currently able to view this feature and would like it enabled, please click here to submit a support request.
  • Only users with the appropriate permissions can view budget information.


This feature will assist users to understand their organisations profitability as it displays the projected sales and can be used in conjunction with the costs budget. When the sales budget is present on the roster adding shifts will cause the labour costs to appear. As a result the projected labour costs can be used to calculate the KPIs for a section of the organisation or the organisation as a whole.


2) How to import sales budget data

To import sales budget data, follow these steps:

NOTE: The import file template can be downloaded here.


3) View sales budget data on the roster

  1. Open the roster for the time period you have uploaded the sales data to.
  2. Once the roster is open the Sales budget value is displayed at the bottom of the roster.
    The total on the 'Week/User' view is accumulative of all the displayed sites.
  3. Switching the view to 'Week/Role' will display the same data as it applies to each area displayed in the roster.
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