Rosters | Mark as Ready To Be Published

1) Overview
2) Mark rosters as ready to be published



Rosters | Area Level Publishing


1) Overview

Marking a roster as ready to be published is a feature that allows managers at area level to create rosters and manage staff. This feature prevents these managers from publishing the roster as it requires publishing to be completed at site level. 

Publishing can be enabled at area level. For more information see the RELATED ARTICLES section.

Publishing at site level is the system default. This allows managers at site level to review rosters prior to their publication.


2) Mark rosters as ready to be published

  1. Click Scheduling.
  2. Click Rosters.
  3. Select the roster period.
  4. Once the roster is ready, click Actions (cog icon) on the top right hand side of the roster.
  5. Click Mark as ready to be published.
  6. On the pop up window, click Yes to confirm it is ready to publish.
  7. Shifts will turn blue once the roster has been marked as ready to be published.
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