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1) Overview
2) How to assign shifts automatically



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1) Overview

This article details how to automatically assign shifts to users when creating a roster. This feature is very useful when creating a roster or finding the most suitable staff member to fill a shift.


2) How to assign shifts automatically

Roster requirements

1. A set number of shifts will be added to the roster for the week.

2. The shifts will be 4 hours long and 2 users are required to work the exact same shift on a day.

Roster creation

1. Open your roster for the first week you will be working on. Here is the example we will use:

2. You can see above that users have entered and confirmed their availability for the week. This is indicated by the colours on the roster and by the tick under the employee's name.

3. Add all the shifts to the roster that you need filled by clicking in the unassigned shifts cell corresponding to the day (this can also be done using a roster template)

4. Add shifts in from 10 am (or the earliest you want the shifts filled) for a length of 4 hours and quantity 2 as shown below:

5. Continue and add the rest of the shifts for the week. This can be done by copying the first shift.

To copy the shift

  • Left click and hold the Ctrl Key.
  • Drag the shift to the day when you want copy the shift to.
  • Drop the shift into the day.
  • The shift will be copied and pasted into the day.

6. Copy the remaining shifts to the rest of the days

7. Edit the shifts and adjust the quantity to 2

8. Here is our roster with the shifts we need filled:

9. Click the automatically assign shifts button

10. Roster shifts will be allocated to uses based on their availability and roster rules as shown below:

11. Automatically assigned shifts will be indicated with a halo around them as shown above

12. We require two users to work on one day. Tuesday has only 1 user working, we need to drop this shift back to unassigned

13. Click the shift on Tuesday and click move to unassigned shifts

14. Click the unassigned shift on Tuesday and click the edit unassigned shift icon

15. The following dialogue is displayed:

16. You can see above that only Andrew Lewins is available to work. James and Patricia have a suitability ranking of 0% indicating they are unavailable.

17. Adjust the start time until 2 employees have an available suitability (e.g. 100%)

18. Check the boxes next to the available users as shown above and click update

19. This will assign the 2 shifts to the available users

20. Click the remaining shifts and repeat the process above

21. Once all shifts have been allocated, the roster is ready to publish and communicate as shown below:

22. Click the Publish and communicate button and the following dialogue will be shown:

23. Roster communications can be via email, SMS or both. Make your section in the Send via: section

24. Click Publish roster to sites

25. Your roster has now been published and communicated if applicable.


NOTE: If a user is deleted after the roster is published, the system will then ask if the shifts assigned to them should be deleted or converted to 'unassigned shifts'.

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