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This article includes the following topics:

  • Ways to open a shift by user
  • Rule Values
  • Setting the Rule
  • Shift End time can be changed

What are open shifts

An open shift is a roster shift that has not been allocated to an employee. This shift can be made available to employees that are suitable to fulfil this role.

Why is this important

When a user receives their shifts online, by email or by SMS, they can confirm their shifts by replying to the communications or directly through their online account.

You can also allow the user to say no to shifts by enabling the rule, Allow employee to open their shifts for a replacement.

How to open a shift as an employee

After logging on to easyemployer

1. Click on Rosters


2. Click on My Roster


3. Click on the specific shift

4. Click on Open Shift


The shift will now appear in pink as open


5. Click on the roster shift confirmation to do on the home page


6. Click Submit 

7. This will send a notification to manager about shifts


Rule Values

Allow employee to open their shifts for a replacement

  • Checked - users can decline and open a shift
  • Not checked - user cannot decline a shift.

Automatically communicate open shifts when opened

  •  Checked - automatically ask 3 users who are available to work the shift, if they would like to work it
  • Not checked - the system does not automatically ask user to work the shift, the manager can do this.

 Employee requires manager approval when accepting a shift

  •  Checked - when a user says yes to working the shift, a manager needs to approve the request
  • Not checked - the system will automatically assign the shift to the user that said yes to working the shift. 

Restrict users from opening shifts relative to 

  • No restriction - users can open a shift at any time until the shift has passed
  • Shift start - restrict opening the roster shift relative to the shift start
  • Roster start - restrict opening the roster shift relative to the roster start. 

How many days before the roster/shift start time to restrict opening of shifts

  • Day value - sets how many days before the shift or before the roster start the user can open a shift (defined in the rule above).

Setting the Rule

Accessing Organisation Roster Rule (to apply to all users)

1. Click Organisation


2. Select Organisation


3. Click Rules


4. Expand the Roster Rules section


5. Scroll down and find the Open shifts section.



Accessing User Roster Rule (to apply to and individual user)

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Manage Users

3. Click the user
4. Click Rules

5. Expand the Roster Rules section
6. Scroll down and fin the Open shifts section


Setting the open shifts rule

Once you have found the Open Shifts Rules section in either the organisation or users rules, the following options are shown:


  • Determine the rules you would like to set (refer to the Rule Values section above)
  • Set Allow employee to open their shifts for a replacement to the value you require
  • Set Automatically communicate open shifts when opened to the value you require
  • Set Employee requires manager approval when accepting a shift to the value you require
  • Set Restrict users from opening shifts relative to to the value you require
  • Set How many days before the roster/shift start time to restrict opening of shifts to the value you require. 

Shift End time can be changed

Shift end time can be changed when the shift is in progress

1. Open the current roster

2. Select the shift you wish to change

3. Press the Manage Shift button

4. The Shift Management pop-up will appear, allowing you to edit the end time of the shift



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