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1) Overview
2) Access the change groups dialogue in the roster



Rosters | Employment Type Filter


1) Overview

The Easy Employer group selection allows flexibility when viewing the roster. You can scope to particular areas and see hours and costs for those areas only. You can go as far as the role level to see the hours and costs for a particular role, e.g. Waiter, across all locations of your organisation.

This feature would be used to view a specific site, role, and so on. Once viewing the group, you can then see a summary of the hours, costs and shifts for that group only.

This feature would be used when printing rosters, reviewing the roster, rostering shifts, and so on.


2) Access the change groups dialogue in the roster

  1. Click Scheduling.
  2. Click Rosters.
  3. Open the specific roster period.
  4. Choose Sites and click Submit.
  5. Click Choose Groups.
  6. Make your selection, then click Select Groups.
    Now the roster will only show the roles/sites you selected.
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