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1) What is the Shift Swap feature
2) Configure the Shift Swap feature
3) How to use the Shift Swap feature as an Employee



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1) Overview

The shift swap feature allows two employees to swap their shifts (given that both employees are suitable).

As an example, John is no longer able to work his shift on Thursday but could work on a Friday instead.

If this feature was enabled, John could open up his roster within Easy Employer and request to swap his shift for one on the Friday. When requesting to swap their shift, the system will display a number of suitable shifts that John could swap for.


NOTE: You must have the new roster enabled to use this feature.


2) Configure the Shift Swap feature

  1. Select Organisation from the navigation bar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Rules from the sidebar and click on the Roster Rules section to expand it.
  4. Navigate to the Shift swaps section, and ensure the Enable shift swapping rule value is set to Yes. Review the remaining rules and confirm that they are configured as required.


3) Use the Shift Swap feature as an Employee

  1. Open your roster to view the shift that you wish to swap.
  2. Select the shift that you want to swap, and select the Swap this shift with another user option.
  3. A list of employee and their shifts will appear. Only suitable shifts can be selected. Select the shift that you would like to swap for and submit the request.
  4. The shift will then appear in Orange on your roster.
  5. The employee who you have requested to swap shifts with will then receive an item on their To Do list.
  6. By selecting this item, it will navigate them to their roster, where the shift that you have requested to swap with will appear with an exclamation mark.
  7. By pressing on the exclamation mark, the Swift Swap Request dialog will appear. In this dialog they can review the details of their shift, as well as the shift that you would like to swap.
  8. If the employee Accepts the shift swap, and the manager approves this swap (if applicable), you will receive a notice via your preferred communication method with your updated roster, as well as an item on your To Do with details of the unconfirmed shift (that has been swapped).
  9. If the employee Declines the shift, you will receive a notice to inform you that your shift swap was declined.
    An "unconfirmed rostered shifts" item will appear on your To Do list, with that shift set as unconfirmed.
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