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1) Overview
2) Create unassigned shifts



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1) Overview

Unassigned shifts are roster shifts that have not been assigned to any employees. They can exist on a roster template, as well as a published or unpublished roster.

  • An unassigned shift can be used on a Roster Template if the shift is covered by different employees each week
  • An unassigned shift might occur on a Published Roster if the shift needs to be covered but the manager was unable to find an employee to work the shift. Depending on your organisation settings, an employee may offer to work an unassigned (or 'Open') shift

2) Create unassigned shifts

  1. Open the Roster or Roster Template.
  2. In User-view, scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the "Unassigned" shifts section.
  3. Press on the empty space for the appropriate/required day. 
    The Create Shift dialogue displays.
  4. Input the relevant shift details, ensuring that the shift is assigned to: Unassigned.
  5. Click Save.
    It will now appear in the Unassigned shifts section of the roster and can be assigned as required by editing the shift.


NOTE: The unassigned shift will look slightly different if the roster has been published or if it has been created on the roster template.

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