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1) Overview
2) Bulk unassign conflicting shifts



Rosters | Unscheduled Shifts


1) Overview

Whenever a roster template or past roster period is loaded into a roster period, conflicts may appear. Instead of looking through the roster for these shifts, the unassign conflicting shifts function will locate and move all shifts with conflicts to the 'unassigned shifts' section of the roster.

Unassign shifts will save time and ensure all conflicting shifts in a roster period are relocated to the unassigned shifts section. This will assist roster managers to create rosters quickly and effectively.


NOTE: This function will only affect the shifts displayed on the view that is currently being used. For example, if a fortnightly roster period is being viewed in week view (displaying one week at a time). If this feature is used, the only shifts affected will be those displayed in the current week.


2) Bulk unassign conflicting shifts

  1. Open a roster period.
  2. Load a roster template or past roster.
  3. Click the cog in the top right of the page.
  4. Click Unassign conflicting shifts.
  5. Choose the types of conflicts to move to the unassigned section and click submit.
  6. Any shift conflicts will be moved to the unassigned shifts section of the roster.
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