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Rosters | Unassign Conflicting Shifts


1) Overview

This feature allows a roster shift to be set as an Unscheduled shift. This assists when the system is calculating overtime payments (if overtime is triggered on the day, week or fortnight) as unscheduled shifts are prioritised for overtime calculation.


NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default. Your internal Easy Employer organisation owner can contact to have this enabled.


A roster shift that has been set as an Unscheduled shift will automatically appear an Unscheduled shift in the timesheet if the timesheet shift is linked to the roster shift upon creation.

When a user has additional shifts added to their roster the organisation may want this shift to be prioritised in the overtime calculations if the user goes into daily, weekly or fortnightly overtime calculations.

By prioritising Unscheduled shifts for overtime calculations it means that if overtime is triggered for the user the overtime will be paid based on the unscheduled shift (or shifts if multiple are set). The overtime rates will come from the day that the unscheduled shift (or unscheduled shifts) occurred (e.g. if there are different overtime calculations from Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday or on public holidays).

The overtime cost centres or job codes will also be generated based on the unscheduled shifts for accuracy of cost centre or job code reporting.

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