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1) Overview
2) Shift templates
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Roster | Roster Templates


1) Overview

Shift templates are presets that can be reused multiple times to construct rosters. Rather than having to create a shift from scratch that has the same details as other shifts that regularly occur in the roster, users can utilise shift templates to easily create similar shifts. Shift templates only exist on the shift creation dialog. The following fields can be entered into a shift template:

- Shift start time

- Shift end time

- Breaks 

Shift templates are not shared across the account. This means that shift templates only apply to an individual user's profile and each user needs to create and maintain their own shift templates (only applicable for users that manage rosters).


2) Shift templates

Shift templates are available for selection on Create Shift popup on the roster. Shift templates are located on the top right of the Times section.


Clicking on Shift templates will display a list of existing shift templates. Shift templates will be displayed in chronological order based on their start time, with earlier shifts appearing first. 


Click on a shift template to select it. The shift breaks, start and end times will all be replaced based on the shift template that was selected. 


3) Create new shift templates

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