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1) Leave shift creation configuration

The leave shift length creation configuration is located in the award, and it can also be configured per pay group (in the award). For users that are not on an award, it will be created based on the settings of the "_Default award".

Located in the Leave types section of the Award, the shift length creation configuration is located under Shift length.


NOTE: The length of the leave shift is created based on the configuration set in the award. See the guides in the RELATED ARTICLES section for more information.





2) Configuration options

Your organisation could be using one of the many different configuration options when creating leave shifts. This can be configured per pay group, so each pay group may have a different configuration.


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the manager to review the leave shift on the timesheet and adjust this to the correct duration to be paid. If the duration has not been created correctly, the leave shift can easily be edited and the time changed.


The different shift length creation options are:

  1. Standard daily hours - this looks at the users standard hours set per day. It will only create a shift on the days the user has standard hours enabled for (but a shift can also be easily created manually if required). To learn more about users' standard hours, refer to the related guide in the RELATED ARTICLES section.
  2. Average paid - this looks at paid shifts, on the day(s) the leave request is for, over X amount of weeks.
  3. Average roster - this looks at roster shifts, on the day(s) the leave request is for, over X amount of weeks.
  4. Specific - this created the leave shift for X hours on each day the leave request is for.
  5. Create no leave shift - does not create a leave shift. This can be used for blocking out periods of time using the leave system.
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