Leave | Leave Request Email Setup / Troubleshooting

1) Overview
2) Set up leave requests email recipients
3) Determine leave requests approvers
4) Troubleshooting leave request emails



Leave | Approve / Decline Leave Requests


1) Overview

This article outlines how to assign a user the ability to approve leave. Please note that in order to approve leave requests (including receiving the email notification), the user's permission set must be set to either Administrator or Owner. By default, the Manager and Payroll admin permission sets do not allow users to approve leave requests.

Users can submit a leave request in Easy Employer however leave requests need to be approved by an appropriate person in the organisation. In some cases organisations may wish to review which users possess the appropriate permissions to approve leave. 


2) Set up leave requests email recipients

Leave request emails are sent to the primary approvers, that is, the first level user(s) with leave approval permission over the users home role. 

For example, if there is an administrator and an owner configured for the area where the users leave role sits, the administrator will receive the email. If there are multiple administrators assigned to the same area, where the user's home role sits, both administrators will receive the email. 


3) Determine leave requests approvers

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Select the employee.
  4. Select Roles from the sidebar.
  5. Hover over the information icon next to the Home role.
  6. Note the full path of their Home role as well as the role name.
  7. Click Organisation again.
  8. Click Organisation structure this time.
  9. Find the location of the employee's home role. 
  10. Click on the Role name level within the organisation structure.
    This opens the Manage group settings.
  11. Click Users on the sidebar.
  12. Search for any user with Group permissions who is able to approve leave.
  13. If none of the listed users possesses the appropriate permissions, check the site and area sections in the organisation structure.


4) Troubleshooting leave request emails

If the leave request email is not being received by the correct user, the most common situation is that the home role is set incorrectly.

To check who is receiving the email:

  1. Open sandbox.
  2. Assume the user that is submitting the leave.
  3. Submit a leave request as the user.
  4. Revert back and open the communications log (even though the email was not actually sent as these are blocked on sandbox it will still record this in the communications log).
  5. Change the date to the day that the communication is sent.
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