Ability | Document Upload

1) Overview
2) Upload a file to a user's ability record



Ability | Add / Renew User Abilities


1) Overview

This feature enables users to upload a file (.pdf, .jpg, .png) to record that a user maintains a specific ability (e.g. qualification). This file can only be uploaded or viewed by users that possess the 'Administrator or Owner' permissions.

This can be used to track users qualifications in conjunction with the abilities reminder feature. It also provides a quick way to check if a user's qualifications are up to date without the need to view a physical copy of the document.


NOTE: Storing electronic copies of qualifications (or other such documents) solely in Easy Employer (EE) may not fulfil auditing requirements for your industry. Some organisations may require records to be maintained out of systems (e.g. hard copy or "corporate backup"). Please check if this solution is suitable for your organisation.

This feature is not active in all EE accounts. If you require this feature please contact our support team at support@easyemployer.com.

Security: PDFs can be uploaded into EE with a password (password is set at the client side when saving the file as a PDF) - and all PDFs are stored securely on the AWS server.


2) Upload a file to a user's ability record

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