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1) Overview

Organisation owners have the ability to assume an employee in Easy Employer (EE). This means that organisation owners have the ability to view another user's account and be signed in as that user.


NOTE: Only users who have online access / have activated their EE account can be "assumed". Refer to the RELATED ARTICLES section for information about online access.


This functionality allows organisation owners to check what their staff can or can't view. This is particularly useful if organisation owners are assigning permissions and want to check that the correct areas of EE are accessible.


2) Assume other users

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Users.
  3. At the end of the row of the user you'd like to assume, press Actions (next to the Status column).
  4. Click Assume.
  5. The account display and rights will now change to that of the selected user.
  6. To revert back to your (owner's) account, click on the employee's initials on the top right-hand corner, and click Revert user.
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