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Below is information you can use to inform employees about the Easy Employer system. Not all parts may be relevant to your business, depending on how Easy Employer has been configured for your Organisation.


What is Easy Employer?

Easy Employer is an online workforce management tool that can be accessed on any internet enabled device with a modern browser.

The full Easy Employer solution provides the following (noting that your business might not be using all features of the system):

  • Centralised employee information: Staff availability, leave entitlements, contact details, etc. All in one spot means up to date staff details are always available.
  • Easy rostering: Intelligent roster creation, based on staff availability and business needs, with email/SMS shift notifications, providing the right staff in the right place at the right times. "On the fly" wage forecasting, helping minimise budget blowouts and increasing labour cost efficiency.
  • 100% accurate time-tracking: Secure biometric or pin code clocking means full visibility of the workforce and accurate work times. "Discrepancy" alerting makes timesheet finalisation a breeze.
  • Instant award rate application: Automatic wage calculation and industry award application allowing the business to have complete payroll accuracy.
  • Payroll integration: Instant data transfer to the leading payroll solution,  eliminating human error and facilitating the completion of the payroll process in record time.
  • Powerful reporting: Business metric reporting providing increased visibility and control; and the information to make better business decisions.

For more information, see the Easy Employer website.


Advantages to employees

  • Easily submit your availability - no more lost pieces of paper.
  • Have a better chance of getting the shifts you want to work.
  • Have more of a say into your work / life balance!
  • Be involved in roster changes, ie swapping shifts you cannot work.
  • Be able to pick up additional shifts if you want more work.
  • Easily submit your holiday leave, ensuring you’ll have enough leave available at the time of request.
  • Be able to submit sick leave so there is no risk you’ll miss out on pay.
  • No more paper timesheets - these will be generated automatically through recording of your shifts.
  • Get reminders for certifications / registrations that you might need to renew.



  • Please refer to the End User Guides for instructions on how to use the system.
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