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1) Overview
2) View timesheet shift history



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1) Overview

Whenever a shift is created or manipulated on the timesheet, this is tracked against the shift and can be viewed.

Because shift changes are recorded with the shift history function, a complete audit of the history of the shift is maintained.


2) View timesheet shift history

  1. Open the timesheet.
  2. Click the shift.
  3. Click View shift history.
  4. The Actual shift history gets displayed in a popup window.



It is important to highlight that discrepancies between the Date updated and the Date start/Date end information in the shift history are normal and may not necessarily be an indication of malicious manipulation on behalf of the user (employee).

  • Date updated indicates when the record of the shift gets created or modified in the system. 
  • Date start/Date end show the shift's actual start/end information.

Information relating to a shift doesn't always get uploaded to the system immediately. There can be delays transmitting the data from time clocking devices to the system's servers and that impacts the Date updated section of the Actual shift history.

For instance, if access to the Internet is not available at the time the mobile app is used (the device has no reception and/or it is not connected to wifi), the Date updated will show the time when the data gets actually uploaded to the server after connection to the Internet has been reestablished; and depending on how long this takes, there could be a significant time gap between the Date updated and the Date start/Date end information.

This can also occur if users minimise, close the app, or lock their phone before the app has processed and uploaded the data. In these cases, the record of that action won't be registered in the system until the information gets uploaded to the servers next time the app is used.

To make this clear, if either of the above scenarios occurred, for instance, when an employee is clocking in, and the shift information got uploaded to the system only when the employee uses the app again to clock out, the Date updated information for both the start and the end of the shift would be the same.

Discrepancies can also occur when the local time a clocking device is set to is different to the time the Easy Employer's servers are set to (e.g., different time zones).

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