Timesheets | Create Periods and/or Shifts In Advance

1) Feature benefits
2) Create periods in advance
3) Create timesheet shifts in advance



Timesheets | Generate Shifts
Timesheets | Add / Edit Shifts


1) Feature benefits

This feature allows timesheet periods to be completed in advance. You would use this feature to create a period in advance (for example, the Christmas timesheet period).


NOTE: Timesheet periods can be created in advance if you have the relevant permission (by default, this is organisation owners only, but some users might possess a custom permission set).


This feature would be used when planning ahead. For example, in situations where no staff will be working but will still get paid, such as the Christmas holidays.


2) Create periods in advance

  1. Open the most recent timesheet.
  2. Click next week (and again if in first week of a 2 week timesheet).
  3. The timesheet creation page will be displayed.
  4. Click Create.


3) Create timesheet shifts in advance

Timesheet shifts can be created in any timesheet period as long as the selected group(s) are unfinalised. These can be created manually by clicking into a blank space in a cell or by using the automatically generate shifts function. Refer to the RELATED ARTICLES for more details.

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