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1) Overview

Warnings are the way Easy Employer notifies users of factors affecting shifts, users or periods that may impact the pay or legality of a particular timesheet.

Most warnings are implemented by setting up a rule at the award, group, user or organisation level. The combination of rules set at different levels produce timesheet warnings based on the organisation’s business needs.


2) Functionality

Timesheet warnings are displayed on the top bar of the timesheets. When a timesheet period has warnings, the system indicates how many of them and in which week they are.

Use the following example to better understand timesheet warnings:

  • The system has generated two warnings for the selected timesheet period, both of them on the first week.
  • The Next warning button (red exclamation mark icon –refer to the RELATED ARTICLES section for more information) only gets displayed on the week where there are warnings that require attention.
  • The Next warning button is not displayed on the second week as there are no warnings this week that require attention.
  • Click the Next warning button to bring to view the first warning.
  • Warnings contain information, and possible solutions to the issue (in the form of links) that can be clicked to perform an action.
  • Once the necessary actions have been taken to solve the issue, the warning disappears.
    Click the Next warning button to view the next warning (use this button to navigate through all the existing warnings).
  • Review and take action for each warning until all of them have been addressed. tmsh_wrns_no-wrn.png


3) Exporting timesheet warnings

  1. Open the timesheet for all sites (you can scope to a single site to export a single site's timesheet warnings if required).
  2. Click Export warnings as CSV.
  3. Done. The warnings will be exported to a .csv (comma-separated values) file.
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