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2) Clock via the mobile app

i) Start/end a shift
ii) Start/end a break
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1) Time Clock

Clocking on using the Easy Employer (EE) application allows users to start their shifts without needing to go to a fixed location. This feature is not available to all EE users. Users should consult with their managers if this feature needs to be enabled.

This feature has been designed for users that cannot always begin or end a shift at a clocking station. This feature will enable users to accurately clock their shift and break times.


2) Clock via the mobile app

i) Start/end a shift

  1. Login to the EE mobile app with your existing credentials.
  2. The default landing screen for users with clocking enabled is the displayed.
    Press Start Shift.
  3. When beginning a shift, EE prompts users to select their role (the role select displays in this fashion: Site > Area > Role, therefore the users role is located at the end of this row).
    Tap the appropriate option to confirm the role you wish to clock against.
  4. The shift has started and the timer (located above the buttons at the bottom of this screen) count upwards.
  5. At the end of the shift press End Shift.


ii) Start/end a break

From this same screen users can also clock breaks (provided the required break types have been configured in the award and set up in the user's award pay group. Refer to the guide in the RELATED ARTICLES section for more information).

  1. Press Start Break.
  2. Select a break type.
  3. During the break, a timer will count down under the time remaining on this break.
  4. To end a break, tap End Break.


iii) Review shift data & add a message

  1. You can review your current clocking data (e.g. breaks taken, etc.) via the clocking menu.
    To access the clocking menu tap the Clocking tile.
  2. Breaks that have already been taken are displayed at the bottom of the screen (all the available break types set up in the user's award pay group are visible through the clocking screen).
  3. Optional: Users can add a message to their shifts.
    They can do this by tapping Add Message.
    Tap the message area in the box to make the keyboard show on screen.
    Tap Ok to save.
    If a message is added, it is displayed under the shift start time, and the message button changes to Update Message.
    Tab this button to change the message.
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